Niagara Wheatfield

Central School District

Questions & Answers

  • 1) Can I have my child receive free or reduced cost lunches?
    Yes, there is an application that must be filled out.  You can pick-up this application at each buildings main office.  If you qualify for this assistance your child can receive either a free or a reduced cost lunch. You can also download the application at, food service.

    2) If my child receives free or reduced lunch, are they entitled to get a free or reduced breakfast? 
    Yes, if your child receives a free or reduced lunch, they will also be provided a free or reduced breakfast at the elementary and middle school.

    3) May I pay in advance for my child's lunch or breakfast?
    Yes, the school food service program has a prepay program for their child's lunch and/or breakfast, called My School Bucks.  The link is available to the left of this page. You can also make checks payable to Niagara Wheatfield School Lunch Fund or Tuscarora School Lunch Fund, if your child goes there. In the memo area, please write your child's name and Student ID number. You may also pay by cash. 

    4) How will I know when to add more money to my child's account? 
    If you pre-pay online using My School Bucks, that program will automatically notify you when the account is low.  We keep accurate records and will let your child know when they need to add money to their account.  You may also call the cafeteria office of the school your child goes to for that information. 

    5) What if my child is absent from school and does not eat the lunch and/or breakfast that has been prepaid?
    Your child's account gets deducted only the days he participates.