• The mission of the Niagara Wheatfield School Counseling Program is to recognize the exceptionality, diversity and merit of each individual student.  We will provide students with a comprehensive counseling program that spans Pre K-12 and that will aid in students academic, career, personal, and social emotional growth.  The counseling department will assist each student with developing and reaching personal goals while expanding on the skills necessary to become life long learners.  The program will provide skills essential to becoming active and responsible community members.
    The Niagara Wheatfield Counselors adhere to the philosophy that all students can thrive in academics and life.  The Counseling Department is designed with a developmental approach and when implemented to its full potential will provide:        

    ·        A support network for all students and families

    ·        A proactive approach to counseling and learning

    ·        Dedication to not only the students of Niagara Wheatfield, but the community as well

    ·         Opportunities for students and families to succeed

    Senior High School Counselors
    Lisa Lindamer-215-3104
    Mark Peters-215-3102
    Mary Graber- 215-3105
    Sean O'Brien- 215-3103
    Kara Kirk, School Social Worker-215-3311
    Colonial Village Elementary Counselors
     Jennifer Ertel-215-3275
    Kristyn Williams-215-3285
    West Street Counselors
    Lenore Palmeri-215-3217
    Courtney Diemert, School Social Worker-215-5121
    Errick Road Counselors
    Elizabeth Antonelli-215-3243
    Jennifer Henry-215-3292
    Edward Town Middle School Counselors
    Joanne Lombardo-215-3156
    Kevin Gaume-215-3155
    Dawn Yeates-215-3157
    Kara Kirk, School Social Worker-215-3164
    Tuscarora School Counselors
    Katherine Thurman-215-3674
    Cassie Scibilia, School Social Worker 215-3670 extension 5319