Athletic Opportunities for Middle School Students


    7th & 8th Grade –  Modified Sports

    Modified Sports:  In modified sports, 7th & 8th graders compete against teams from other schools.  During the past few years, this program has been brought back to Niagara Wheatfield and will encourage growth of the athletic program at NW. 

    Teams the are now available in Modified are:
    Modified Football

    • Boys & Girls Modified Cross Country 

    • Boys & Girls Modified Soccer

    • Boys & Girls Modified Volleyball

    • Boys & Girls Modified Basketball

    • Modified Wrestling

    • Co-Ed Modified Swimming

    • Modified Baseball

    • Modified Softball,

    • Boys Modified Lacrosse

    • Girls Modified Lacrosse

    • Co-Ed Modified Track. 


    Modified Athletes are required to obtain their Sports physical by our school physician, and to complete all required paperwork prior to tryouts. 

    The coaches of the respective sports select their team members.  At this level participants learn the fundamentals of the game, sportsmanship, commitment and team play.  Attendance on the days of competition, participation in physical education, and academic success are required.

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