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    Our Health Office staff is dedicated to assuring that your children have a safe and healthy school year. We encourage you to contact your school's health office to answer your questions or discuss your concerns.
    Our district health office staff includes:
    District Office (Phone: 215-3003  Fax:  215-3039)
              Jan Ball, Secretary
    Niagara Wheatfield Senior High School (Phone: 215-3115  Fax:  215-3140)
              Nichole Horton, RN  
              Linda Destino, LPN
    Edward Town Middle School (Phone: 215-3163  Fax:  215-3658)
              Tammy Szarejko, RN
              Linda Destino, LPN 
    Colonial Village Elementary School (Phone: 215-3274  Fax:  215-3291)
              Christina Mueller, RN
    Errick Road Elementary School (Phone: 215-3246  Fax:  215-3266)
              Janine Muscarella, RN
    West Street Elementary School (Phone: 215-3208  Fax:  215-3216)
              Ashley Richardson, RN 
    Tuscarora Elementary School (Phone: 215-3672  Fax:  215-3685)
              Marilyn Schlehr, RN
    Travel Nurses
              Kathryn Lanigan, RN