Support Staff Applicants

  • Welcome to the Support Staff Employment Application Section.  The following is a list of titles for support staff in our District:

    • Clerical I (Typist)

    • Bus Drivers

    • Bus Attendants

    • Monitor/Cleaner

    • Teacher Aide

    • Cleaner

    • Laborer

    • School Nurse

    • Food Service Helper


    If you are interested in applying for one or more of the above titles, we are always recruiting for substitute on-call staff.  Please read the following instructions prior to completing the application.

    1.  Print the attached application.

    2. You will notice that it is an application form created by Niagara County Civil Service.  However, your application is to be submitted in person to our District Administration Office - located behind West Street School.

    3.  Note if you are applying for a Bus Driver or Trainee, you must bring your current NYS Driver License to submit with your application.  You will also need to complete the last page of the application for bus drivers only.

    4.  This is a Civil Service application used by Niagara County for competitive titles as well, but there is no fee to apply to our District!

    5.  If you have any questions, please call either Heidi Dashnaw or Barb La Duca at 215-3005 or 215-3006.

Support Staff Applicants FAQ

  • The following are frequently asked questions regarding applying for support staff positions in the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District. 

    1) What types of positions are there in the District?
    Non-competitive titles include:

    • Bus Driver

    • Bus Attendant

    • School Monitor

    • Teacher Aide

    • Cleaner and Laborer

    • Food Service Helper

    • Personal Care Aide

    Competitive titles include:

    • Account Clerk  and Sr. Account Clerk

    • Typist (Clerical I)

    • Head Custodian

    • Electrician

    • HVAC Technician

    2) What is the difference between a competitive and non-competitive position?

    A competitive position requires that you take and pass a Civil Service exam in order to qualify.  You can substitute in a competitive field until an examination is announced.  Examinations are posted at our Administration Office and at Niagara County Civil Service website. 

    A non-competitive position does not require an exam. Your application would be subject to approval by the Niagara County Civil Service Office. 

    3) How do I get a Civil Service application?

     You can either download the application found at the end of this paragraph or you can simply stop in our office at West Street School - follow the left side of the parking lot to the Administration Office guest entrance (do not enter from the front of the school).  All applicants to our District must submit your completed application to our office and we will submit your completed application to the Civil Service Office.


    Civil Service Application click here →Civil Service Application

    4) What happens after I submit my completed application?

    All applications are reviewed by the District.  Only those applications that meet the job qualifications and may be a good candidate based on experience, education and job skills are forwarded to Civil Service for their review and approval.  Once we receive an approval or disapproval from Civil Service, you will receive a letter from us notifying you of your application status.   

    If your application is approved, it will be submitted to the Director or Supervisor for the hiring department.  For example, a bus driver application will go to the Transportation Supervisor for review and if qualified, will begin the interview process. 

    The Department head will contact you for an interview if there is an available permanent or substitute position.  All applications will remain on file for one-year.

    5) How are open positions advertised? 

    They are first posted in all school buildings, transportation office, and administrative office for 5 work days. 

    We also place postings on our web site under "Open Positions."  We will advertise in local newspapers when there are no internal and/or substitute candidates. 

    Your application must be Civil Service approved prior to bidding on an open position.