• District Payroll Information

    Payroll Clerk:
    Carol Guariglia (716) 215-3025 or at cguariglia@nwcsd.org 
    Employee Attendance Clerk/Payroll:
    Holly Alvord (716) 215-3026 or at halvord@nwcsd.org
    Attached below are links to the commonly used tax forms 
    Federal Form: 
    State Form:
    Below is additional information that may be helpful:
    List of Pay Dates:
    School Related Personnel and Substitute Pay Period Schedule:
    Tax Shelter Annuity Information:
    Direct Deposit:
         Direct deposit is now available to all employees, including substitutes.      
      Please complete and return the form below with a check or deposit
    slip from your bank with VOID written on the front.
    The first time the deposit appears on your pay stub, it will be a verification of your account information only.
    The second time the direct deposit appears, verify with your bank that your money has actually been credited to your account.
    The banks have up to three weeks to notify us of any errors.
    Changing banks or closing accounts:
    If you should close an account, please notify payroll immediately at 215-3025.
    You must follow up with a direct deposit form
    showing $0.00 as the amount of the direct deposit.
    SRP Holidays: