• Welcome to the Scholarships Page!

    Attending college can be very expensive and figuring out how to finance one's education is an important factor in the application process. We hope to make this process a bit easier by providing information to assist seniors and their parents/guardians in finding available local, state, and national scholarship opportunities. 

    Ways to Find Scholarships

    • Additional scholarship opportunities may be available from the specific school you are attending. Research those opportunities further by visiting the school's website or contacting the school's financial aid office directly.

    Application Hints/Reminders

    • Many scholarships will require a transcript and/or letter of recommendation for submission. Students should work closely with their counselor regarding the necessary documentation requested by the various scholarships. Any required documentation from a counselor should be requested by the student several days before the deadline.
    • Students need to read scholarship requirements carefully and fully adhere to those requirements (especially due dates/deadlines). Please note - the due date listed is the date the application is due to the organization, NOT the Counseling Center.
    • Never pay to apply for a scholarship. Legitimate scholarships will not ask for application fees, search fees, or processing fees. 
    • Don't give up! Check student eligibility and apply for as many scholarships as possible, in order to increase your chances of winning.