West Street Parent Group


    Parents, guardians & teachers working together to enrich the education of all West Street students!!


  • President  Jaclyn Dimino

    Vice President  Liz Perry

    Treasurer Anna Hart

    Recording Sect. Vicki Schraufstetter

    Corresponding Sect.   Anna Hart

    Membership Coord. Kathy Marks

  • Our Mission:

    The parents & members of the West Street Parents Group factor a spirit of cooperation between the home & the school, maintain open lines of communication, promote and encourage activities for the best interests of the school, and develop a good understanding of the school programs through parental involvement.

  • Fundraising

    Our fundraising efforts benefit both the students & teachers of West Street Elementary School.  The WSPG sponsors family socials, book fairs, in-school fundraisers and leadership experiences, as well as, take-home fundraisers for students.  

    In the Fall, we will be having our first apparel sale since 2019.  We will also be running the APEX leadership fundraiser again this year, as well as a Holiday Sale which includes the famous cookie dough sale! In the Spring, we will be hosting our annual Basket Raffle.