Get involved!  Meet other students in the school! Have fun beyond the classroom!  

    Become a Falcon!


    BOOK CLUB:  
    Book Club is a group for anyone who loves stories of any kind. You don't have to love reading!! Relaxed atmosphere to share and discuss amazing plots, characters, and drama. All are welcome to come and check it out. Never too late to join or visit.  

    BHS is a club for business students who excel in the classroom and have a business focus. BHS strengthens leadership skills through a commitment to upholding an ethical character and through community service. 

    Elections will run at the beginning of the year!  If you are a responsible, motivated leader willing to work with your class advisors, then run for an officer position.  You will help your class to have the best 4 years possible.  

    DECA is a business club where you can learn real world skills and expand your social network. DECA is an international club that is recognized by colleges and businesses around the country.

    The Environmental Club is open to all students who wish to take an active role in environmental improvement. The club concentrates efforts on local ecological concerns which affect environmental issues of the Niagara Wheatfield community. This club is open to all who wish to make our community a better place to live.  

    As freshman class advisor you are responsible for electing class officers as well as members of homecoming court. The advisor is also responsible for organizing after school events in which the class needs to participate such as hallway and window decorating. Traditionally, the freshman help plan the winter dance and any other fundraising ideas throughout the year.   

    Gay Straight Alliance. This club meets once a week to provide students with a social atmosphere to meet and talk about their life.  Through the interests of the group members, different events and activities are engaged in. This year the club is working with NCCC and other GSAs to define common problems facing children in school who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, or Friend of the community.  

    This club is sponsored by the Central Niagara Rotary Club. We are a community service organization. The students identify opportunities for service and we do these activities to help our school, local, and international communities. The kids drive what service projects we do from year to year.

    The NWHS Jazz Club meets on Tuesday/Thursday mornings from October through May at 7:00 am. Jazz club is open to any high school student who plays saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, drums or piano. Concert performances are scheduled throughout the year. 

    It is my responsibility to oversee the meetings of the Junior Class Officers. I will assist them in all of their efforts to organize fun and successful events for the school and their class. Homecoming and senior prom are our top priorities.   

    LOTE CLUB:  
    Why join a club? Why not! Joining a high school world language club can improve your language skills. Yes you will improve in your English language pretty cool isn’t it? Well if that wasn’t enough of a reason, here is more. Joining a world language club allows you to explore a language or many languages outside of the structure and formality of a classroom setting. We want you to be comfortable and share with others. Have a good time and laugh so hard that your cheeks hurt. Please join us in exploring other cultures, food, routines, history and so much more. Bring a friend if you wish.
    Madame Kankolenski  


    The National Honor Society recognizes Niagara Wheatfield High School students who meet high academic standards. The NHS emphasizes leadership and service. Members meet standards for character and draw on their leadership experience to contribute to society.

    Native American Club allows students an opportunity to not only learn about Native American Culture, but to share it as well. This is done through different activities, which include dance, cultural presentations, and guest speakers. Guest speakers include members from the Tuscarora Community, as well as Admission Officers from various colleges. Most importantly, Native American Club is a vehicle that paves a way for student involvement in the school and in the Tuscarora Community. 

    In the Niagara-Wheatfield newspaper club or "The Falconer" we strive to cover both past and upcoming events that make our school great. We focus on upcoming schoolwide events that incorporate both social and sporting interests. We also have sections like "get to know your teacher", club activities and academic achievement. This club works closely with other clubs in the school such as yearbook and photo club. Students report on events, write articles and are present through the entire process. If you enjoy reporting, writing or just discussing school events then "The Falconer" is for you.  

    PEP CLUB:  
    Pep Club is the zest of the school. The club organizes the school's Pep Rallies. The club is open to all students to help keep NWHS as sprightly as possible. 

    Photo Club is a place for students to express themselves creatively, improve their photography skills, and find a social space among those who enjoy the art of photography.  

    The pit orchestra is made up of advanced instrumental music students and hired adult musicians as needed. The instrumentation needs vary from show to show. Rehearsals run from January to March with performances generally the second week of March.

    Songwriting club is a space for students to explore the art and craft of songwriting. Open to students of any skill/experience level and any musical genre, the club offers participants an opportunity to get feedback on their work (both from the full group or from small groups/individuals), collaborate with their peers, and exchange ideas/knowledge. Songs will be developed throughout the year, with the potential opportunity to record and/or perform their work at the end of the year. 


    The stage crew is the backbone of the school's live theater productions! During a production, the stage crew manages props, moves set pieces for each scene, and controls the curtains and fly system. Students also run the soundboard, lighting console, and background projections for musicals and plays. In a school year, the stage crew typically helps with the talent show, one or two plays, the ETMS Musical, and the High School Musical. Stage crew also helps with the light and sound for band and chorus concerts.  

    Student Council is the voice for the students at NW. They plan events such as Homecoming, Spirit Week, Christmas Spirit Week, Winter Spirit Week, and Thanksgiving Celebration. If students have ideas for improvements or changes at the school, they should use the student council as a way to voice their ideas. In the past, we have adopted a nursing home and created crafts/notes for the year, positive post-it notes on all lockers, Valentine's.

    Take a Look at Teaching Club helps students explore fields in education with the goal of having students go into education.