Principal Nora O'Bryan

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  • Welcome to Errick Road Elementary School. I am honored to serve as principal of a true professional learning community. Our faculty is dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our students by building upon their strengths and by honoring their learning styles. Not only can all students can learn, but all students must learn in order to partake in our global society. At Errick Road, our teachers strive to make this happen. The following is an overview of the educational program at Errick Road.

    Common Core Learning Standards 
    All of our teachers follow the Common Core Learning Standards adopted by NYS.  Curriculum maps for K-5 math and English/Language Arts are posted on the District webpage. 

     All of our teachers use a balanced literacy approach in which they interactively model reading and writing as well as work with students in small flexible groups, or guided reading groups. Teachers instruct these students at their individual reading levels to accommodate the range of student ability within a class. Because the groups are flexible, students can improve at their own rate without waiting for the entire class to be at the same level. Our approach to literacy ensures that each child’s needs are met. Our goal is to move the child from dependence to independence.

    Currently, our district uses the Journeys Reading Series (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) which supports this balanced literacy approach. 


    Since 2014, our district has implemented the Eureka Math Series which is based on the NYS Math Modules.  Teachers have been extensively trained through ongoing professional development to ensure horizontal and vertical alignment of instruction.  Since shifting to the full implementation of Eureka, student achievement has improved across both classroom level and State level assessments.

    Discipline Philosophy 

    At Errick Road, we abide by our district-wide Falcon Fundamentals that consists of three rules.

    • Be Respectful

    • Be Responsible

    • Be Safe

    "Respectful" includes respecting yourself and others, respecting property, and using appropriate language. "Responsible" includes reporting to all assigned areas on time, being prepared and ready to work, and taking responsibility for your actions. "Safe" means no fighting, horseplay, or other acts of physical aggression, no throwing objects, and remaining in assigned areas under adult supervision. Each classroom teacher addresses the Falcon Fundamentals and has classroom discussions on what the rules mean. Each grade level team has an established block of time every day in which students partake in choice time if they behaved appropriately and completed all their work, reflection time if they violated a rule, or work time if they need to complete unfinished work. In addition, social-emotional skills are explicitly taught in the primary grades and implicitly taught in the intermediate grades. We make every attempt to meet the needs of our students in a positive, proactive manner through engaging instruction and through building relationships. If a child repeatedly struggles with behavior, that child would be addressed privately and individually.