Parent & Student Technical Support

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    Please use this form for all requests for: 
    Chromebook Loans,
    Cellular Verizon MiFi Hotspot Loans,
    All Technical Support
    All Other Communication with the technical support team at NWCSD. 

    Tuesday, September 15, 2020

    NWCSD Families,

    Thank you for your patience as we ensure that children have access to the instructional technology materials they need, in a manner that can be sustained throughout the entire school year. 

    As of Wednesday, September 16, all Chromebook loans that were requested through the appropriate online forms will have been delivered to each child’s school, and notification calls will have been made to their homes. If you do not receive a communication about a Chromebook loan request that was made, please complete the new request form found on this page.

    Additionally, all initial requests for technical assistance have been resolved, and it appears that the technical support staff can continue to address the continued flow of requests within about a day.

    Through the remainder of this school year, please use the OFFICIAL TECH SUPPORT REQUEST FORM for all communication regarding technical support. The technical support team has been directed to resolve all student and family technical issues submitted via this form chronologically, taking priority into account.

    Thank you,


    August 2020
    Note: Clever Apps and other Online Accounts and Resources are in the process of being set up. 

    How to: Student Google Account Password Reset (Grades 6-12)

    Student Google Account Username Format: 

    • First four digits: 4051 
    • Then the first initial of their first name, and the first 4 characters of their last name
    • Then their birth day of the month (Must be 2 digits)
    • Then

    User Name Example: If John Smith is a student whose birth date is 03/13/2006
    Login Name is

    Google Account Elementary Student Password: abc 
    6th-12th Google Account Passwords Reset Link above (Reset will happen 8/28/20)