Principal's Message

  • Seven Tips for School Success

    1. Get Back in the Routine
      Create a school-year structure by re-establishing bedtime, mealtime, reading and homework routines.

    2. Set Education Goals
      Whether it is striving for an A in reading or handing in all homework on time, setting goals can help set the routine for the new year.

    3. Get to Know the Teacher
      He or she can be the best source for information about your child's scholastic performance and can recommend ways to help your child resolve any difficulties he or she is having.

    4. Set a Study Space
      Designate a specific time and place for homework and help your child discover a regular, quiet place where he or she can study.  Make sure the area is free from potential distractions and that study tools are at your child's fingertips to keep focused on homework and studying.

    5. Stay on Schedule
      Your child should keep a schedule of all classes, assignments and key dates, such as project deadlines and test dates.  The more through the schedule, the more efficient your child will be.

    6. Emphasize Organization
      For some students, having color-coded binders for each subject helps them stay on track throughout the school year.  Keeping notes organized helps test preparation, so work with your child to determine the best method for him or her.   

    7. Encourage Learning at Home
      Promoting learning outside of the classroom helps children perform better in school.  To nurture reading skills, spend at least one hour per week - 10-15 minutes a day - reading with your child.  To enhance math proficiency, try letting your child help plan the next family trip and encourage him or her to compute miles, cost of gas, expenses for food, hotel and entertainment.