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Employee Self Service Password Reset - Email/School Account

Prior to forgetting your email/school account password, you can login to the Self Service Center and set up forgotten password qustions which can later be used to reset your password.
To do this go to the Self Service Center:
Login with your email/school account credentials, and then follow the prompts to answer three security questions. 
Forgot your password? - If you have already set up the forgotten password questions go to the self service center and click on "Forgot your password?", then follow the prompts and anwser the questions you previously set up. 

If you didn't set up these qestions or you forgot the anwsers to the questions you will need to contact the service desk to rest your password. 

Ways to contact the Service Desk:
1. Email:
2. Call the Service Desk: 
1-800-872-0780 option 2
7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
4:30 PM - 5:00 AM (emergencies only)
3. Live Chat with the Service Desk