• HI Everyone!

    WOW! Happy Friday the 13th! What a surprise!
    As you know, we got hit with a major snow storm. Most of the area is out of commission and power is down everywhere.

    So, Banchetti Rizzo's (the place the reunion was scheduled) has NO power so they had to cancel us at the last minute (Friday afternoon).

    I spoke to many people who were traveling into the area from out of town and they were stuck all over. As a result, we did not want to cancel the reunion.

    SO we have a new place:

    Captain Cove
    7726 Niagara Falls Boulevard
    Niagara Falls, NY 14304

    IT will be at 7:00 pm
    It will include the DJ, pizza and chicken wings. Unfortunately, there was no way to get a bartender at the last minute. SO there is a bar but if you want to drink, you will have to pay for you own drinks.

    Since you already paid, I will use some of it to cover the cost of the food, DJ and place. There will be money left over. I will be sending everyone who paid a refund in the mail. I am unable to figure exactly what the refund will be. I will know more after I pay Captain Cove's tomorrow.

    For those that were unable to attend, you will receive a refund to. Some addresses I do not have so I may be calling you to get your address so PLEASE call me back.

    Thank you for being so understanding. this was so unexpected and am I glad we just can still get together.

    My power is out, so I cannot receive emails.

    Thank you for your help and understanding!
    Janelle (Jones) Finn
    Vice President of the Class of 1996

    Other Class Officers:
    Melinda Scime
    Maria DeRubeis
    Ann (Fitzpatrick) Courts
    Andy Mack