Niagara Wheatfield Central School District is comprised of four (4) towns – Town of Wheatfield, Town of Niagara, Town of Lewiston, and the Town of Cambria.  Currently our K-12 student enrollment is just under 3,600.  The District has four (4) elementary schools – Colonial Village Elementary School, West Street Elementary School, Errick Road Elementary School, and the Tuscarora Indian Elementary School.  The District has one middle school (Edward Town Middle School) and one high school.  In addition to the core academic programs, we are very proud of the variety and quality of our extra-curricular activities.  We are beginning a Capital Project, with phase 1 beginning in the summer of 2017, and phase II in the summer of 2018.  The District has established Comprehensive District Educational Planning (CDEP) goals, which guide our Comprehensive School Educational Planning (CSEP) goals.
    The following are the District CDEP goals:
    1.  Common scope and sequence maps will be developed.  Professional development will include vertical alignment of common curriculum.

    2.  Utilize assessment data at all levels to inform instructional decisions.

    3. Implement and evaluate Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) program.

    4. The District will implement a plan to increase engagement in the school community. 

    Our shared goals are reviewed annually with the Board of Education, and the primary focus is student achievement.