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    Getting Involved…

    On Friday, January 26 approximately 60 Edward Town Middle School students participated in the opening night of High School Musical Jr.  The performances were outstanding and could easily compare with many high school musicals.  Most impressive is the level of collaboration and teamwork necessary to create the sets, costumes, choreography, and coordinate the lighting, sound, singing, dancing, and costume and set change.   

    For the past two school years our District has selected Engagement as the theme for one of our Comprehensive District Educational Planning (CDEP) goals.  Numerous studies indicate a positive correlation between academic performance for students involved in music programs, clubs and/or athletics.  Besides the academic benefits, getting involved also provides great opportunity for goal setting, developing time management skills and working as a team. 

    As a District we have focused on increasing engagement by creating intramurals and clubs for elementary students, forming a CDEP Committee, beginning a Wall of Fame, reinstating the Athletic Hall of Fame, creating Parent University, and reigniting the Community Education Program (coming this spring).  We will continue to look for ways to add to the activities and opportunities for our school community.

    The ETMS Musical resulted in an average of 475 people gathering together for each of the three performances.  Sure, many of them were parents and family members, but some were also community members who take great pride in our District.  Along with the Edward Town Middle School participants, there were 10 high school stage crew members and approximately 60 parent volunteers.  The importance of the school musical may best be summed up by the comments made from one gentleman who I spoke with after the opening night performance.  He said, “I love these shows… and my daughter participated when she was a student here…I wasn’t planning on coming until the last minute, but I am glad I did, and I may even come back tomorrow.”

    Please help encourage everyone in the Niagara Wheatfield School Community to take advantage of the many activities our District has to offer.


    Daniel G. Ljiljanich

    Superintendent of Schools





    2018-2019 CDEP Goals


    Goal #1

    New York State Learning Standards vertically aligned K-12 common scope and sequence maps will be developed and/or revised.


    Goal #2

    Utilize assessment data to diagnose needs and identify research-based methodologies to drive instruction.


    Goal #3

    Revise and continue to implement multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), Response to Intervention (RTI), and Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to prescriptively meet individual student needs.


    Goal #4

    The District will continue to increase engagement in the school community.