• Welcome to the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District online technology staff development resource website. We hope this information will assist current as we seek to improve instruction.
    Our district has designed a rubric for teachers to utilize during unit design and as a reflection at the conclusion of a unit.  This rubric is called the NWCSD Student Work Rubric.  The rubric also refers to the connection between the learning and our technology tools.  Once a teacher has identified the role for technology in their unit of instruction, then it is helpful to know what to teach the students regarding a specific piece of technology as it applies to the grade level.  Our district and No Child Left Behind Legislation, requires that student be "technology literate" by the end of Grade 8.  Therefore, we developed grade level Technology Expectations to assist each teacher in knowing their role in a child's development of technology skills.  Please refer to your grade level expectations below.