Friday, January 15, 2021

Good Afternoon Niagara Wheatfield School Community,

This evening, our website transitioned to a new design. This new format will be better accessible on mobile phones, and permit a more dynamic exchange of information between the District and community. This will include the use of a “LIVE FEED” for brief notices, and a “NEWS” section for searchable, lengthier announcements.

Most current content from the previous site is accessible from the new site, although some out of date information and features that are no longer supported have been dropped. Additionally, to improve mobile users’ experience, some menu options have been consolidated to aid in navigation. The MENU link that now appears in the upper right of the browser window will be the primary way users navigate the new site. If you are ever in doubt as to where you want to go on the website, just click MENU. The SCHOOLS link will allow families to select their child’s school. 

Over the course of the next several months, additional engagement improvements will be made including: a dedicated app available on the Apple store and Google Play, official NWCSD facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels, and further consolidation of menu structures to improve desktop and mobile navigation.

For now, please continue to communicate with your child’s school as you have in the past. Your child should continue to communicate with their teacher as they have this year. Tech questions may be directed to the family tech support form at

Thank you,