Welcome to Our School Health Office   

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          Did you know that you can get your child’s

    physical for our next school year NOW?

     We can accept any physical completed after the start of the LAST school year for the current school year! 
                           In other words, you have almost a year to get this done,
                     plenty of time to get it in on time!

    Is your child starting Pre-K this fall?
    Or going into grades K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11?
    Then they are REQUIRED to have a physical!!!

     Why wait? Schedule it now!


    Important info for student’s entering Pre-K this fall:

    Make sure Lead Screening is included!!!

    Inform your Doctor when making the appointmen

    Parent Notification to Opt Out:


              In accordance with Education Law 910 and Public Health Law 2540, parental consent is required for health services, treatment and remedial care. If you WANT your child to receive health services, treatment and remedial care and give permission for these services no further action is required. If you DO NOT WANT  these services you may opt out at any time via written notice. An opt out letter can be provided to you through your school health office.

               However Education Law 903 is an explicit statutory exception to the parental consent requirement and such consent is not requires when the school is conducting an examination by health appraisal as required in Education Law 903 and 8 NYCRR 136.3(c) and (d). 


    Medications at school:


              Any student who requires meds to be available at school needs to submit new paperwork from their physician each school year. Scripts are only valid for one school year and MUST be renewed. If you have not brought the completed med forms to the school health office, your child’s meds CAN NOT be given at school. ONLY school authorization forms for meds at school or a valid appropriately worded script can be accepted. Anything written on a physical form with meds listed does not give us the authority to dispense meds.


    Medication's must be picked up at the end of the school year or they must be discarded.  However, if your child is regsitered for summer school and their medication script is valid for summer school, medications may remain at school until the end of the summer school school session. If you are unsure -please contact the school health office prior to the end of school in June.