What information is posted on the "District Calendar" that is different from the building calendars?
       The "District Calendar" is the official Board of Education listing of school holidays, dates when students are not to report to school, and the Board of Education meeting schedule. In addition, each building can post special events that are intended as an invitation to the Board of Education members and community to attend. These events are also posted on each building calendar. For the Board of Education and community, this District Calendar is a summary of events that can be attended by Board of Education members, parents, grandparents and the community.
    When I am viewing the District Calendar, how can I view one building's events?
        At the top of the calendar, there is a drop down arrow for calendar filter options. 
    picture of calendar filter options
    This will allow you to select a particular category to view only those postings.  Here is an example for the Senior High School.
    Calendar filters example
    Why would I ever need to go to a building calendar?
        The building calendars will contain very important information for the students who attend the building.  Parents, guardians and students will find reminders, student only events, and building specific information.  It is important to visit your child's building calendar often.