Welcome to Kindergarten where learning is a "bushel" of fun!
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    Names to Know:

    Principal: Mrs. Nora O’Bryan

    Assistant Principal: Ms. Maria Zawistowski

    School Nurse: Mrs. Jane Fish

    Contact Information:

    Teachers can be reached by calling 215-3240, enter 1 and extensions (listed below) or by e-mail.


    Lisa Gervase                       x6402              egervase@nwcsd.org

    Vanessa Mercurio               x6403              vmercurio@nwcsd.org
    Kristen Munz                     x6302              kmunz@nwcsd.org

    Shannon Smith                   x6306              ssmith2@nwcsd.org

    Stacey Brooks                     x6143               sbrooks@nwcsd.org

    Learning Mission Statement:

    Kindergarten is a “hands-on” journey. The student will learn by doing. Children will listen, read, write, create, manipulate, sing, dance, and utilize other modalities to assist in their journey of learning. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and reflects the NYS Common Core Standards. Various activities and themes are used throughout the year to incorporate all subject areas. Our mission is to prepare your child for the future by providing an educational setting that consists of a safe and nurturing environment where learning is valued and individual differences are accepted. At the end of your child’s kindergarten journey, you will find that your child has grown immensely in knowledge and experience.

    Classroom Structure:
    1. Learning is FUN!

    2. Cooperative Learning (students work together and learn from one another)

    3. Guided Reading and Writing (small groups at each student’s instructional level)

    4. Learning Centers (addresses the need for movement, promotes independence, and reinforces learning objectives)

    5. Differentiated Instruction (lessons will be designed to address students’ learning styles and their rate of learning)

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Last Modified on July 19, 2017