hop on the bus
          The Fifth Grade Team believes that learning is dynamic therefore, our instruction is flexible.  We believe that each student is capable and talented and can learn.  We believe that children differ in the way they learn and the rate at which they learn.  To ensure that students are capable of meeting high expectations, we work together to provide differentiated, active, collaborative, interactive and up-to-date instruction.  We believe that our classroom environment is one that is safe, nurturing, and inspiring.  In our classrooms we honor differences, individual heritage, culture and beliefs.  We aspire to be a community where students have a vested interest in their learning. 
            In our classrooms students can be confident to take risks to reach high expectations.  Our students can connect their learning to the real world and engage in meaningful activities.  Our students are inspired to become confident and competent individuals.
Last Modified on July 2, 2008