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    This Webpage is for Niagara Wheatfield CSD Faculty ONLY
    Due to software licensing agreements, the following information cannot be published to the public.  You must always log into the district's website system in order to access the links off of this page.  We will post information that includes userid/passwords so you may utilize the many resources that have been purchased for our schools. 
    You would be in violation of our agreements if you share these access codes with students or anyone outside of our district.
    You would be in violation of our agreements if you use tools that are not designated as licensed for your school.
    Please take note, some resources can be used by students from home.  Some cannot!  Please be sure to only provide students with userid/passwords when the licensing agreement permits.
    Thank you for helping the district to honor our agreements!
    After you login to the website system, you will see two new links on the left.  One for Elementary Resources and another for Secondary Resources.   If you do not know your userid/password.  Please call the Help Desk at x3650, Kara Sykes.