• Edward Town SCHOOL COUNSELING offers a variety of support services to our students.  Middle school is a difficult time for many children.  The changes that adolescence brings often impact a child's academics, behavior, attitude, peer group and family life.  At ETMS, counselors work with students to help ease them through the sometimes turbulent transition from child to adult. At ETMS, every student is assigned a counselor when they enter 6th grade.  Counselors work with students to build a caring, trusting relationship during their middle school years.  In addition to meeting with students, counselors are also available to meet/communicate with parents, collaborate with teachers and administrators, attend team meetings, contact local agencies to facilitate students' needs, and assist in crisis/emergency situations.  Although some students meet with their counselor just once during each school year, many students receive regularly scheduled individual or group counseling as mandated by their individual education programs, or to service their individual needs.   When students initially meet with their counselor, often they will be asked for background information regarding classroom success, special qualities and abilities, likes and dislikes, family composition, future plans (academic and vocational), etc.  If there is a particular problem, the counselor will assist the student by listening to the concern, brainstorming with the student for possible solutions, empowering the student to carry out the plan, and revisiting the student at a later date.   Sometimes, when students are having difficulty getting along with each other, their counselor may help them resolve their dilemma by teaching and practicing conflict resolution skills.  Confidentiality (privacy of information) is assured, and priority is given to situations which pose potential risk to the student's health, well-being and academic success.  
    Students may drop by their counselor's office to set up an appointment or they may ask their classroom teachers for permission to visit their counselor.  Parents are welcome to call 215-3150 to speak with their child's counselor.  Additionally, all counselors are available on-line and welcome questions or concerns. To contact your student's counselor, please use the information below.
    Mrs. Dawn Yeates, School Counselor Grade 6, 215-3157, dyeates@nwcsd.org
    Mrs. Joanne Lombardo, School Counselor Grade 7,   215-3156, jlombardo@nwcsd.org
    Mr. Kevin Gaume, School Counselor Grade 8, 215-3155, kgaume@nwcsd.org