• Welcome to 8th Grade Technology
    Edward Town Middle School Technology Teachers:
    Mr. David Pavan  Email address: dpavan@nwcsd.org
    Mr. Michael White  Email address: mwhite@nwcsd.org



    Course Description:  This course is designed to develop both your critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Asking each student to complete a number of hands-on activities that will challenge both of these abilities will do this.  These activities will allow you to learn what technology is along with gaining an understanding of the importance and influence that it has on your lifestyle.



    Course Requirements:

    Activities:  The activities that you will be working on will vary in a number of
     ways.  Some will require only two or three days to complete while others may take three or four weeks.  Some will be individual activities while others will be group activities. 

     Units of Study:    

    •      Computer Aided Design
    •      Electricity / Electronics
    •      Engineering
    •      Computer Technology           

    Notebook:  All of the material that is given out during the course should be kept in a notebook in chronological order.  This includes notes, exercises, learning activities, information sheets, grading sheets, etc.  Notebooks will be collected and graded at the end of each 10 week marking period. 



     Grading:    Each activity, drawing, test, quiz, and worksheet in the course will be worth a certain number of points.  Your final average will be based on the total number of points you earn during the marking period compared to the total number of points you could have earned. 

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