• ETMS Classroom Music

    Mrs. DeFazio    -    Mr. Fick    -    Mrs. Gould    -    Mr. Peracciny    -    Mr. Scime
     Piano Lesson
    The Classroom Music Sequence (6,7,8) at ETMS is designed to actively engage students in a broad-based,
     general music education,
    with a primary focus on music literacy and piano skills.  Units include:
    Rhythm Notation - Reading, Writing & Transcribing
    Rhythm and Meter
    Pitches - Reading Notes on a Staff
    Composition & Performance - Percussion Duets, Trios, & Quartets
    Learning Your Way Around the Piano Keyboard
    Piano Performance - Trios & Quartets
    The Orchestra & Beyond
    A Debate: Censorship in Modern Music & Media
    Where did Hip-Hop Come From?
    Our American National Anthem - History & Modern Performances
    Music in Film
    Music and Celebration - A World View