• Niagara Wheatfield High School

    Physical Education

    Mission Statement:

    Physical Education affords individuals the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation, self-discipline, respect, dedication, socialization skills, leadership, and commitment. These qualities are integrated into the physical education program on a daily basis through participation in “lifetime” activities.



    Physical Education will take place in a non-threatening atmosphere in which every student is challenged and has the opportunity to achieve success. Physical Education is an opportunity for students of all abilities to engage in a variety of activities to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.


    Policies and Procedures:

    1. ALL JEWELRY must be removed for a student to participate in physical education. Students who refuse to remove jewelry will be considered unprepared for class.
    2. Students are expected to be on time for class. Excessive tardiness will result in detention.
    3. Inappropriate language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.
    4. Once the locker room doors are locked, students are no permitted to re-enter the locker room for any reason.
    5. Students are to remain in the locker room until the bell signals the end of class.
    6. Students may choose a small locker in the locker room to house their personal belongings for an extended period of time. Large lockers are for class time only. Please do not put a lock on a long locker for more than one period. All locks on long lockers will be cut at the end of the day.
    7. Students are responsible for their belongings. Teachers and the district are not responsible for stolen items.
    8. Students who skip class will receive a grade of zero for that class period, with no opportunity to make-up missed work.
    9. Make-up classes are available for any student who misses class due to legal absences, field trips or music lab.
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