Elementary Student Work

  • Teachers in all four elementary schools have worked together to create common materials for students at each grade level.  

    Please click on the files below to access grade-level content for printing:

    If you were not able to pick up a packet during the pick up times, the same packets have been provided for at home printing following the links below. If you would like to have your child work digitally on the packets rather than printing,  one way is to use PDF escape. This site will allow you to add text boxes and write/draw on the pdf work provided which then can be saved and downloaded. Pdfescape has a page limit of 100 pages so if you choose to use that option, please use the “daily files” which have been provided.
    Video directions for pdfescape https://www.schooltube.com/media/Using+PDF+Escape+to+fill+in+pdfs/1_1i1bmd4t
    Pdf escape link: https://www.pdfescape.com/

    Google files displayed by grade level
    Pre-K (Updated 5/19)
    Grade K (Updated 5/19)
    Grade 1 (Updated 5/19)
    Grade 2 (Updated 5/19)
    Grade 3 (Updated 5/19)
    Grade 4 (Updated 5/19)
    Grade 5 (Updated 5/19)
    Tuscarora Grade 6 
    Curriculum Extension including Tuscarora Language and Culture (Updated 5/19)
    Speech Language
    Reading (Updated 4/7)

    Additional Digital Resources in the NW Clever Portal
    The District has compiled recommended technology resources for use during home learning which are accessible through the NW Clever portal. The portal is a single sign-on for many online applications that your child uses regularly in school. Since many of these programs keep track of children’s progress, please make sure if you have more than one child, that they use their individual credentials to log in. There is also a section in the portal that includes a variety of links to external websites. Some of these websites offer free content if you create your own account.
    NW Clever Portal: https://clever.com/in/nw 
    (Use student's Google Account to log in, info below)

    Each Elementary School now has a School-Wide Google Classroom 
    This school-wide Google classroom will be used to share content and messages from the Principal and teachers pertaining to the whole school, much like a Facebook group would be used. 
    Here is how to access your school's Google Classroom:
    Google  Classroom Directions
    Clever Portal: https://clever.com/in/nw
    Log in to Clever using your Child's Google Account

    Student Google Account Username Format: 

    • First four digits: 4051 
    • Then the first initial of their first name, and the first 4 characters of their last name
    • Then their birth day of the month (Must be 2 digits)
    • Then @nwcsd.org

    User Name Example: If John Smith is a student whose birth date is 03/13/2006
    Login Name is 4051jsmit13@nwcsd.org

    Google Account Elementary Student Password: abc 

    Here is a list of everything you will see in Clever. This document has passwords to resources linked in Clever. To access this document you must be signed in with your child's google account. 
    Student Account Credentials - For Parents/Students

    For Google Account Password Resets email: passwordreset@nwcsd.org
    For issues with your child's google account please be prepared to give your child's first name, last name, and date of birth. If you are emailing about an issue please provide as much information about the problem as possible.