Mr. Cerny:

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    Phone Number: 215-3100 x2210                                              email: pcerny@nwcsd.org

    -I have been emailing students using school google email accounts and JUST found out that students cannot use these accounts so:
    -I am now using Google Classroom as a method of communicating with students. Please have ALL students join the correct classes using the following codes:
    Period 1: zq2r4eg
    Period 5: v2umnf6
    Period 7: dba2jby
    Period 2 Mr.Tilyou Lab: 5w3yxov
    Exercise Physiology: paxjxtp

    General Information about the courses: I teach both a Biology (Living Environment) course as well as an Exercise Physiology course. The Ex.Phys. class is a course that studies the many integrated processes of the human body as well as changes/adaptations that occur during training. The course is highly student-driven and hopes to provide a foundation in the health-sciences for those looking to major in similar courses in college. It also provides the necessary background knowledge to aid in living a healthier lifestyle for those not entering a health-related career. More information about Living Environment may be found below and to the right. In addition to teaching these courses, I coach soccer and track.

    Note: For all classes, rather than using a calendar, all assignments, due dates, test dates and grades are on Student and Parent Portal (please see link to the right) 
    Living Environment Class Syllabus:

    Course Objectives:

    •The goal of the living environment curriculum is to familiarize the students with concepts about the dynamic (changing) world of LIFE science. In addition, this course will begin the development of scientific literacy. These concepts will be presented through the use of lecture, labs, computer technology, and activities.


    •Materials: 3-ring binder (at least 2 inches), loose leaf paper, folder to put in binder pens & pencils, colored pencils are optional


    •Seating: Assigned seating if necessary under my discretion at any time


    •Entering class: MUST be on time (may be written up if not), sit down, immediately follow directions written on the board


    •Leaving class: Before leaving be sure write assignments (on board) in agenda


    •Food & drinks: Not allowed any time


    •Passes: Given for bathroom only, no one will go to their locker for anything


    •Progress Reports: Students are to log into Student Portal so you can be responsible for knowing what work is owed

    Grading Policy:


    •Tests and Quizzes:
    •When a project is not given as a final assessment, a unit test may be given upon the completion of topics
    •These will be multiple choice, short answer, and essay
    •There will be daily quizzes based on the class information
    •Exposure to Regent-type questions will be regular practice
    •A necessary part of the course to help make concepts more permanent and enhance achievement
    •Will be assigned frequently and graded upon my discretion
    •NO late homework will be accepted (hand in the day it is due or receive a zero for that grade). Projects WILL be accepted late


    •Gives us a chance to explore biology in a hands-on environment
    •Labs will be held once/week, however class time may be considered lab time upon my discretion
    •All labs MUST be accepted and on file before being allowed to take the final
    •Missing labs = missing final exam = repeating course
    •NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to contact me so we may schedule a time to make up a lab


    •Grading Breakdown:
    •Unit tests will count for ~40 points each
    •Quizzes will count for ~10 points per week
    •Labs will count for ~10-20 points each
    •Other factors such as projects will also be included
    •Your overall grade may be calculated by dividing the number of points earned by the number of possible points and multiplying by 100
    •Overall grade: 50% tests & quizzes, 25% projects, 15% labs, 10% homework (percentages are approximate)

    Availability:  :
    •I am available in the mornings before school and during your lunch and/or study hall (depending) for extra help and/or lab make-ups. It is YOUR responsibility to schedule a time with me. I would be MORE than happy to assist you in whatever you need.