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    In the tabs on the left you will a page dedicated to each class I teach. Regents Earth Science, and Environmental Science A and B. On each page you will find links to important documents handed out throughout the year including the syllabus and guided notes where applicable.


    I update the e-school gradebook weekly, if not more often, so please be sure to check it regularly.

    Below are links to set up and access the parent/student portal, to view the gradebook. Please be sure to check it regularly to keep aprised of any missing assignments or grades that may need further attention. This is also the only delivery mechanism for both 5-week reports, and report cards (unless you sign the form opting for a paper copy) so it is very important.

    Setup/Login Instructions

    Parent Portal

    Student Portal



    If you find you have any additional questions that I might be able to answer, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at bhocking@nwcsd.org