Welcome to Miss. Wegrzyn's PE Class...


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    Niagara Wheatfield

    High School

    Physical Education



    Physical Education is an opportunity for all students of varying ability levels to engage in a variety of activities. It is important to develop and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Every student is challenged and has the opportunity to achieve success in a wide variety of activities. As your teacher I will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all my students to do their best and feel included!

    Sports & Activities Offered By Miss. Wegrzyn:

    • Tennis
    • Frogball
    • Medic
    • Mushroom Ball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Backyard Games
    • Swimming
    • Water Polo
    • Handball
    • Fitness
    • Yoga
    • Speedball
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Kickball
    • Nature Walks

    Policies & Procedures:

    1. Students are graded on a 5-point scale each day. Please reference the PE Grading Scale. 
    2. Students are expected to be on time for class. Excessive tardiness will result in a detention (after 3). 
    3. Innapproriate language or obscene gestures will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. 
    4. ALL jewelry must be removed for a student to participate in physical education. Students who refuse to remove jewelry will lose daily points. 
    5. Students will be given 5 minutes after the second bell to change. Once the locker room doors are locked, students are not permitted to re-enter the locker room for any reason. 
    6. Students may choose a small locker in the locker room to house their personal belongings (gym clothes/shoes). All locks are provided by the student themselves. The distrct and teachers are not responsible for stolen items. You must lock up your things!!!
    7. No phones are allowed to be out in the locker room.
    8. No food is allowed to be taken into the locker room or be stored in ones locker. 
    9. When a student is absent from school you must make up your missed PE classes. If you miss for a guidance appointment, band lesson or to see the nurse you will have to make up these classes.
    10. Classes can be made up during a students lunch or study hall with any teacher who is on. If you do not have a lunch or a study hall see your teacher for written work. 
    11. Students who skip class will be given a grade of zero, a detention and will not be allowed to make up the class. 
    12. Appropriate dress wear is essential to being properly prepared for PE. Required clothes include: shorts/sweatpants, t-shirt/sweatshirts and a pair of athletic sneakers. Students are NOT permitted to wear "short-shorts," spandex shorts, or tank tops of any kind. If you are not prepared appropriately for class you will be given a zero for being unprepared. You CANNOT make up unprepared classes. 


    If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year please do not hesitate to email Miss. Wegrzyn at kwegrzyn@nwcsd.org or call 716-215-3100 Ext. 1906! Thank you!