Credit Recovery
    Credit recovery is a program for students who have previously failed a course and need to recover credit for the course. Courses are set up in units; students are able to work through the units at their own pace to recover any part of the course they need to relearn. Every student is issued a log on number and is able to access the program 24 hours a day. The instructor is also able to log on at any time to answer a question or move the student to the next level. Upon completion of all unit tests, students are able to move on to another course. In addition to the credit recovery course, students may be scheduled into the next level of study in their sequence Example: A student may be enrolled in a credit recovery course for English 10 and also scheduled in a classroom setting for English 11. This enables the student to keep on track for graduation. Currently credit recovery is offered in English, Social Studies, Math and History, as well as physical education although; physical education may not be recovered until junior or senior year.

    Credit recovery is different from a “pre” class in that it bears credit for a student who is retaking a class that the student has failed. A “pre” class is used for a student who passed with a low grade and needs additional support before continuing in the sequence. A “pre” class differs from a prep class in that a prep class helps a student pass a failed regents exam whereas a credit recovery class enables the student to recover course credit.
    Paula Missana, Assistant Principal