Supplementary Instructional Materials for School Closure

  • The Niagara Wheatfield Central School District has a plan for continuity of education while schools are closed. While there is no true replacement for the regular instruction your child experiences each day with his or her teachers, we have provided our families with materials to review and continue their learning while school remains closed. There are paper based activities for printing as well as digital content available. 

    You may have heard that Spectrum is offering "free access to broadband and WiFi services to households with students who do not already have the services." If you know of someone who might benefit from this service, feel free to share with them that Spectrum may be contacted about this short-term program at 844-488-8395. (NWCSD shares this news simply as a courtesy, not an endorsement of service.)

    Instructional Materials for School Closure:
    Elementary Information
    Middle School Information 
    High School Information

    Digital Recommendations located on the Clever Portal:
    Many of these resources may remember your child’s progress, so the best way to login is via Clever which provides single sign-on access to many of the resources listed. Clever login instructions below.

    Other External Resources
    The following direct links are for external, online and television instructional resources, aggregated by the NYS State Education Department, our local BOCES, and others provided by the Public Broadcasting Network (PBS). Teachers may include some of these resources in their own communications to students. But any of these resources would be valuable for engaging students in learning from home

    WNED - PBS
    Orleans/Niagara BOCES
    Eire 1 BOCES

    Accessing the Clever Portal
    NW Clever Portal URL:
    Choose "Log in with Google" and use your child's Google account as shown below.
    Clever Login

    Clever can be accessed using the student’s Google account in the following format: 

    Google Account Student User Name Format: 

    • First four digits: 4051 
    • Then the first initial of their first name, and the first 4 characters of their last name
    • Then their birth day of the month (Must be 2 digits)
    • Then

    User Name Example: If John Smith is a student whose birth date is 03/13/2006
    Login Name is

    Elementary Password: abc
    ETMS password: FalconsXXXX (last 4 of Student ID)
    HS: Student created

    For Google Account Password Resets email:
    To reset your child's Google password please email from an account that is on file with the school or be prepared to give your child's student ID number and full address.