• Office Hours:
    Monday - Thursday
    11:30am - 4:30pm

     - Request a course schedule or brochure
     - Sign up for classes
     - Propose to teach a class
     - Get directions to our schools
     - Find out more about our program

    For additional availability, please contact the Community Education Coordinator to schedule an appointment. Appointments will not be scheduled outside of normal school/business hours. 

  • Niagara Wheatfield Community Education

    Paul Nichols:
    Community Education Coordinator 

    P.O. Box 309
    5700 West Street
    Sanborn, NY 14132

    Phone: 716-215-3034
    FAX: (716) 215-3039
    Email: pnichols@nwcsd.org

 Alerts, Notifications, and Reminders:

When you register for a class, you will receive an email reminder in your inbox to tell you the date, time, and location where it will be held. 

You can stay up-to-date with our program, receive the Course Brochure by mail, or receive email alerts by joining our mailing list.   CLICK HERE  for more information.