• Welcome to the Support Staff Employment Application Section.  The following is a list of titles for support staff in our District:

    Clerical I (Typist)

    Bus Drivers

    Bus Attendants


    Teacher Aide



    School Nurse

    Food Service Helper


    If you are interested in applying for one or more of the above titles, we are always recruiting for substitute on-call staff.  Please read the following instructions prior to completing the application.

    1.  Print the attached application.

    2. You will notice that it is an application form created by Niagara County Civil Service.  However, your application is to be submitted in person to our District Administration Office - located behind West Street School.

    3.  Note if you are applying for a Bus Driver or Trainee, you must bring your current NYS Driver License to submit with your application.  You will also need to complete the last page of the application for bus drivers only.

    4.  This is a Civil Service application used by Niagara County for competitive titles as well, but there is no fee to apply to our District!

    5.  If you have any questions, please call either Heidi Dashnaw or Barb La Duca at 215-3005 or 215-3006.


    Click on this link for the application.  → Civil Service Application