Q. When can I come to the Library Media Center (LMC)? 
    A.  In addition to your scheduled class times, the Library is open before school and during study halls and lunch.   All students must sign in. If you are coming from study hall, you need to have a pass and a purpose (research, homework, looking for books, reading/studying). For safety and attendance, you MUST report to your study hall then  get a signed pass with your name on it.
    Q. How long do I get to keep the library materials that I have checked out?
    Materials are checked out for 2 weeks.  
    Q: What if I’m not finished with my library book after 2 weeks?
    A: Renew it! You can renew any item as long as it is not on hold for another student.   
    Q. What happens if I lose my library book?
    A:  You can replace the book yourself or pay for the book and we will buy a replacement copy. Al
    l of the information you need regarding payment or replacement can be given to you at the LMC.
    Q: What should I do if my library book becomes damaged?
    A:  You should immediately tell the library staff.  Many times we are able to repair the book with special materials we have available in the library. However, if the book is damaged beyond repair, you will be expected to pay for or replace the damaged item.