• 1) Where can I obtain an application? 
    Just click on Teaching Application from the Human Resource home page. You will see a picture of a computer - click on the picture and you're ready to log in! The District now prefers that you apply on-line. After January 1, 2006, we will no longer accept paper applications. 
    2) How do I apply for a position?
    Simply log on and begin entering your information.  It's that simple.  The on-line system is called Search Soft and we will post our certified teaching/administrative staff openings on that site.  You can click on the posting directly to apply.
    Once your application is completed in the system, you will receive a system e-mail advising you that you are done.
    You may scan in your transcripts, letters of reference, etc. as an attachment.  You can also copy in your resume and cover letter.  This is a database and is shared by several school districts in the area.  Any district that you selected will have access to your file.

    3) After I apply, what happens next?
    Applications are kept active in the Search Soft system for one year.
    Each time you log into the system, your date is automatically updated.  So there is no need to re-apply every year.
    When the hiring committee is ready, they will review the applications in whatever certification area that is needed.  Those who are selected for an interview will be contacted by the office staff.

    4) How can I find out about open positions?
    Positions are posted in the Search Soft System and are also posted in all school buildings and administrative office.
    When a position becomes available, the hiring principal will use the Search Soft system to pull all applications that are available in the database. They will be reviewed and interviews scheduled by their office staff.
    If we do not have enough applicants on file in a particular certification area, we will advertise in local newspapers and on our website under Open Positions.
    Check the application system website periodically for any posted positions.

    5) If I have been fingerprinted as part of my certification, do I need to be fingerprinted again for employment in the District?
    No, you need only fill out an OSPRA 102 form so that Niagara Wheatfield can obtain a your Clearance for Employment from New York State.  You do not need to pay anything additional for this clearance.

    6) How can I find out about substitute teaching in the District?
    We use the WNYRIC application site for all teaching positions.  We continuously recruit for Teacher Substitutes and keep an active posting on that site.  If you have any questions about becoming a Teacher Substitute, contact Kim at 215-3004.