Please contact your school's DASA coordinator for any further questions, or to report an instance verbally. You may also complete a Dignity Complaint Form and send that directly to your school's DASA coordinator. 
    The DASA Coordinators for the Niagara Wheatfield Central School District are as follows:
    Senior High School
    Michael Mann, Principal
    Paul Galgovich, Assistant Principal
    Edward Town Middle School
    Jodi Hammond, Assistant Principal
    Kevin Gaume, Counselor
    Colonial Village Elementary School
    Marissa Vuich, Principal
    Jennifer Ertel, Counselor
    Errick Road Elementary School
    Maria Zawistowski, Assistant Principal
    Elizabeth Antonelli, Counselor
    West Street Elementary School
    Theron Mong, Principal
    Lenore Palmeri, Counselor
    Tuscarora Indian School
    Elizabeth Corieri, Principal
    Katherine Thurman, Counselor