• Elementary Parents - you will see your child's schedule and attendance.


    Middle &  High School ParentsStudents - you will see several blue tabs.
    1. Schedule: shows the classes your child was enrolled in as of the last time that schedules were printed.  This report is divided by semester.
    2. Progress Report: shows the most recent progress report (5 week point in a marking period).
    3. Report Card: shows the most recent report card.
    4. Gradebook: shows a listing of all classes by marking period.  Selecting a class will show all grades for your student that have been available by the teacher.  On the gradebook tab, parents can look back at grades from previous marking periods by changing the marking period before selecting the class name. Be sure to click on the + sign to expand the details of assignments and their grades.
    5. Attendance: this tab shows any days in the current year where an absence was recorded for your child.  Please note that attendance information is not real-time.  It will be accurate up to 1 day previous to the current date.