• 24/7 Access to Resources

    Work that students are being asked to create as evidence of their learning is not easily transported from school to home. Tasks are often computer based .

    With home access 24 hours a day/7 days a week, most of our software tools would be available so that students could continue their work at home. This provides the student with more time on task without additional staff or facilities costs.

    We have had home access to our network now but it is extremely technical in nature to utilize. We intend to implement a private cloud and desktop virtualization that makes home access a single click to achieve.

    Our home access will provide some sense of safety to parents because the Internet being used through the 1:1 computer and our home access is filtered just like at school. We still encourage parental supervision.

    Going green with electricity savings is a priority both financially and ecologically. With 1:1 computing, a student would charge one battery at home. The district will phase out the classroom computers thus saving money and electricity.

    1:1 computing experience in other schools indicates that students use their computer to teach the adults in their family. This is an added benefit for our whole community.

    Parents can once again see and be involved in the work that students are creating.

    Not all software applications will be available in this environment. Film production or Robotics may remain only accessible at school.