• Putting Instruction First

    There are possible negative outcomes if we implement 1:1 computing.

    For instance…..

    • Lost or damaged computers
    • Students without Internet access at home cannot connect to our system
    • Students would be distracted by the computer
    • Students spend too much time on a computer already
    • Students would forget to bring their computer to school each day

    Our current method of utilizing technology requires teachers to manage hardware, manage the sharing of computers, and address technical issues.

    1:1 Computing removes these managerial tasks. Teachers will have more time to design meaningful student work to teach face-to-face collaboration, time management, and appropriate use of the technological tools.

    An instructional goal is students taking individual responsibility for their learning. 1:1 computing is just a means to this end.

    The possible negative outcomes can be managed and addressed by good planning and student instruction.  More time to focus on instruction is priceless.

    The question we should be asking ourselves is, “What does a student need to be successful in the 21st Century?” Don’t we as a community have a responsibility to find a way to provide these tools?