• Increase 21st Century Skills
    Learning is
    connecting with the
    real world
    Students must be more than literate, they must be able to create and innovate. This requires time. They can’t complete this kind of work within the confines of the school day. Our students will need to collaborate with people from other cultures, time zones and physical places as a part of their daily routine.

    Collaborations of this kind with take place face-to-face as well as in cyber space. Our students need these experiences within a safe environment so they are prepared. 1:1 computing, Internet safety instruction and the Internet are the tools necessary to teach students blogging, video conferencing, and online social networking for meaningful scholarly contributions and responsible behavior.

    Online video conferencing allows us to provide multi-cultural experiences so that our students gain insights and empathy for others.

    Online access to experts provides our students with career path visions for themselves.

    Information Literacy, meaning the collection, evaluation and synthesis of information are all necessary skills and are facilitated by the use of a computer.