• Increase Writing Skills

    Today’s student is a reluctant writer when faced with paper and pencil tasks. OMG! Our students’ brains have developed differently due to the multimedia stimuli they have been exposed to continuously.

    1:1 computing changes writing to a multimedia visual task. Although we still must balance paper and pencil tasks with computer compositions, we can utilize the computer to teach writing. Research has proven that learning to write on the computer will in fact transfer to better paper pencil writing.

    Research has proven that when students compose writing on a computer they are more willing to write longer pieces, spend more time editing and revising pieces and will revisit the piece to improve the overall quality of their writing.

    Within our Literacy focus, we want to teach our students to “process write”. This means that they draft, examine, revise, rewrite as many times as necessary to produce quality work. This is facilitated by 1:1 computing.

    1:1 computing supports reading to increase vocabulary, grammar and text structure knowledge. All of which will increase our students’ writing abilities.