• Increase Computers for Students and Faculty
    Sharing computers has created a competitive environment between teachers and curriculum areas. We will only be successful in meeting the needs of students when we are a collaborative learning community. Providing 1:1 computing removes this competition.

    We do not have enough physical space to increase either desktops computers or to create storage space for more laptop carts within our classrooms. Our 1:1 devices would be "netbooks". Students don't mind working on these smaller devices and it costs less to replace these small devices than to create storage spaces at school.

    We can't afford to continue purchasing fully functional laptops. Netbooks allow us to purchase 2 computers to our previous 1.

    We can't technically support more devices when we have to physically touch each device to manage them. Virtualization of our infrastructure provides a different technical method of managing computers. We will be able to respond quickly to needed changes. This virtualization is a proven industry solution.

    Our students have to share computers just as if we didn't have a textbook for every child. 1:1 computing permits every student to be engaged at all times. This should not be misunderstood that we would expect students to be constantly on their computer.