• Current Instructional Problems We Need to Solve
    We have out-grown the sharing of sets of mobile laptop computers. Initially, few teachers utilized these computers and those who did had full and frequent access.

    We have provided enough staff development and have hired the best teachers who now wish to utilize technology spontaneously and continually. This desire increases the demand for computers and access.

    The required pre-planning needed to reserve our shared resources prohibits “real –time” education and exploration.

    Therefore, our model of providing “shared” technology has now become a problem instead of a solution. It the terms of economic product and demand. It is a high demand and scarce resource situation.

    Our teachers’ efforts to plan technology integrated instruction are thwarted as they never know if access to the shared technology will coincide with their instructional plans. This does not promote the natural daily integration of technology when it is most meaningful. Scarce resources limit the number of technology integrated lessons teachers will be able to plan.

    Teaching with tools to differentiate instruction is more possible when using technology. Student’s are protected from ridicule because no one can “see” that their work is different. However, 1:1 access is a requirement for this implementation.

    With shared resources, no one “owns” the equipment. It is much easier to break or disrespect something that one does not own. We have a high rate of damage on our shared laptops.

    Students can work with our technology tools only when their teacher reserves the shared devices. They cannot work from home using the thousands of dollars in resources that the district has purchased for their instructional benefit.

    With 1:1 access to the Internet, our district could be teaching and learning with the many free resources on the Internet.