• 1:1 Computing Project
    The Niagara Wheatfield Central School District has planned to implement a 1:1 Computing Project.  This would mean that over the next five years, each student in grades 5-8 would be assigned a school computer.  The district's first goal with this project is to not increase the district budget for computers.  After investigating multiple solutions, the district set aside the 2009-2010 computer budget to build a new technology infrastructure called a "private cloud" with desktop virtualization. This will now enable the district to proceed with the 1:1 Computing Project within the confines of the computer budget starting in 2010-2011
    Why is 1:1 Computing so important to the students and staff of Niagara Wheatfield CSD?
    As we teach and learn with our future generations who will have to compete for jobs in a global economy with skills needed to succeed, technology is an integral tool in this new environment. Knowing that our mission in education is the preparation of our students for their life-long success, we cannot ignore our responsibility to fully provide technology and information literacy as a part of our instructional program.

    The Federal legislation, No Child Left Behind, has mandated that students will be technology literate by the end of 8th grade. The New York State Education Department has embedded technology throughout the curriculum standards. And our post-graduation programs mandate a high skill and comfort level with online learning. We can no longer allow our students to leave our district without these skills.

    Our current technology access does not provide for seamless and spontaneous integration of technology. A student may be provided with occasional experiences where technology has been used as a tool, but generally it is a tool for knowledge based activities. The 21st Century requires a blend of; Mastery of Content, Global Connectedness, Financial Literacy, Civil Literacy, Health Literacy, Creative Thinking and Working, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Information, Media and Technology Literacy, Self Directed Learning, and Digital Citizenship. Just to name a few.

    It is our charge then to reconcile how to meet the demand for greater access to technology, while being careful to not deepen the digital divide, students with and those without technology at home.

    This required us to re-examine our approaches to instruction, our technology tools, infrastructure, staff development and instructional expectations. We could continue to wait to address this charge at some future point, but in doing so each senior class is a student body that we have not fully prepared for success! Our students are counting on us to be looking out for their future!
    Each link on on this website will explain further our district's goals, the project procedures and the research being utilized to guide the development of the Niagara Wheatfield 1:1 Computing Project.
    We have also included a link to a community forum.  This will allow you to post your comments and questions regarding this project.  As questions are posted, we will respond with posting on this website the answers to these questions so that our whole community can be kept informed of our progress.
    Thank you for your support!