• Websites for Additional Mathematics Practice and Learning: 

    1. StudyJams - Find math learning categories, numbers, multiplcation and division, decimals and percents, geometry, data analysis, problem solving, addition and subtraction, fractions, algebra, measurement, and probablility.

    2. TopMarks - Choose "Maths" and select from learning levels: Foundation, Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, and Key Stage 4, to access math practice according to concept.
    3Illuminations - Illuminations has 103 online activities available. Select by level and concept.
    4. Number Lines - Create number lines with increasing or decreasing patterns.  Students are challenged to find the patterns and calculate missing numbers.
    5. Bar Grapher - Students input data and then create their own bar graph at this interactive site
    6. Kahn Academy - Kahn Academy offers thousands of free tutorials for math students
    7. Sumdog - Free games to make math fun
    8. Fuel the Brain   - Math lessons and activities aligned to Common Core Standards
    9. K-5 Math Resources - K-5 Math lessons aligned to Common Core Standards

    10. Sheppard Software - Math practice by concept
    11. HoodaMath - Math lessons by grade level andf concept
    12. Oswego Schools Math Games  -  Interactive math practice by concept   
     13. Thinking Blocks - Interactive Blocks for teaching and learning many math concepts