• My Math:
    McGraw-Hill My Math, our K through Grade 5 math series, provides opportunities for students to build understanding of Common Core math concepts and ample practice to master important skills. Most importantly, all concepts are taught through, and practiced within, a strong problem-solving environment.

    Kindergarten through Grade 5:
    Math Textbooks and Supporting Math Activities

    My Math Kindergarten through Grade 5 math textbooks can be accessed online through the ConnectEd website. Once on the site, enter the access code provided by the classroom teacher.
    My Math offers online activities that support classroom math lessons.  Once on the site, choose the Student tab, then chose the appropriate grade level textbook, then the appropriate chapter and lesson.  A choice of tutorials and activities that support that chapter and lesson will appear.

    FactDash is a Math Connects online math program that offers students math fact fluency practice.  It allows students the opportunity to choose which operation and facts to practice, whether or not the practice will be timed, and print-outs of facts that were missed and may need further practice.  To print out math facts that may need additional practice, be sure to press GO on the first page after the Fact Dash activity is complete.