• Guided reading is a form of small-group instruction used to help children who are reading at a similar level and can take on new texts selected by the teacher that are slightly more challenging.  The teacher supports the children when reading by prompting while helping them gain more effective processing strategies.  As cited in the Continuum, the framework for a guided reading lesson includes:
    (At the primary grades, teachers may choose to have students reread books first in order to gather information for a running record.  This can be followed by quick word work.)
    1.  New book/text introduction
    2.  Reading of the text
    3. Teaching for processing strategies
    4.  Discussion of meaning
    5.  Word work
    6. (Optional) Extending the meaning
    In an effort to promote strategic actions by the children, teachers focus on the following 3 ways of thinking:
    Thinking Within Text:  Solving words, monitoring and correcting, searching for and using information,  
                                        maintaining fluency, adjusting
    Thinking Beyond the Text:  Predicting, making connections, synthesizing, inferring
    Thinking About the Text:  Analyzing, Critiquing