• Literacy Collaborative

    2010-2011 is the inaugural year for Literacy Collaborative at Niagara Wheatfield

    Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive school reform project designed to improve the reading, writing and language skills of elementary children. The Literacy Collaborative incorporates all of the elements of effective schools to support improved literacy instruction and student achievement through:
    • Providing a research-based instructional model that is language-based, student-centered, process-oriented, and outcome-based;

    • Creating in-school and in-district leadership through the training and support of school-based literacy leadership teams, administrators, and literacy coordinators;

    • Establishing long-term site-based development for every member of the school’s literacy faculty; and

    • Helping schools monitor the progress of every student through systematized assessment, data collection, and analysis.

    The goal of this comprehensive effort is to significantly raise the level of literacy achievement for all students.

    If you have any questions regarding literacy at Niagara Wheatfield, please contact Mrs. Elizabeth Scully, Literacy Coordinator, escully@nwcsd.org

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