• Mission Statement

    The Niagara Wheatfield School District will serve its diverse community to empower its learners to attain the necessary knowledge, skills, and perseverance within a safe and supportive environment so that students become responsible and productive individuals.

    Vision Statement

    Niagara Wheatfield Central School District will graduate successful students who are sought after by both post-secondary institutions and the work force due to their commitment to produce high quality work in both independent and collaborative settings.

    As facilitators of learning, teachers will utilize a broad set of instructional strategies, including technology, to actively engage all segments of our diverse student population.

    Our schools will be community-oriented and model a team approach to education in which all members play an important role in the educational process. Parents feel welcome to share their knowledge and are actively involved.

    Our schools will be student-centered offering an environment that is clean, safe and inviting where people feel self-worth and a sense of purpose and achievement.

    Because of inspired staff, involved parents and motivated students, the level of achievement will rank Niagara Wheatfield among the nation's best schools.